Gambling Craze: How Online Casinos Have Changed The Game!


The pleasure one feels when they win even uncertain of the outcome, they take the risk, play for the unknown and experience the thrill. No matter how much you scold gambling and its adverse effects on society, you cannot deny the fact it is fun. When we do something exciting and challenging our body experiences an adrenaline rush and vibrating sensation throughout the whole body. Online betting has made this all even more accessible.

Is Gambling A Sport?

People stay divided on this. Some argue against it while some support it by putting examples of various championships and tournaments. It makes sense to call it a sport as to how complex and skill-based this sector has become. A large number of people call it an authentic form of sport.  Given its worldwide popularity, it makes sense to do too. Here is a list of the most famous gambling championships:

  • The WSOP(World Series of Poker Tournament): Biggest poker tournament. Every poker player wants to be part of this renowned competition. Every year many competitions are held online for entry to the game alone. A seat at the table in this tournament can cause you a massive $10000. These satellite tournaments are set to compete for the top prize which is entry to the tournament. It is quite a renowned tournament worldwide.
  • The World Poker Tour: Famous for its high stakes. Seat in this game costs from $4000-$25000. this game is televised and thus become even more popular. Million in cash prize, this tour lets the winner have a name engraved trophy.
  • PokerStars Caribbean Adventure: Held in the Bahamas, this certainly is the most famous among gamblers. The buy-in amount is $10000. The winner gets up to $20 million in cash prize.
  • The Big One for One Drop: Only available for invited professionals to take part in and play. This one is held exclusively at the WSOP venue. Players’ buy-in goes as high as $1 million for one seat. The winner stands a chance to win over $10,000,000 in cash. 3.5% of the total prize-pool is donated to One Drop Foundation.
  • Super High Roller Bowl: Like the name, this tournament is exclusively designed to cater to high-stake gamblers. The buy-in costs $300,000 which has been lowered from $500,000. This tournament is held annually in Las Vegas.

Gamblers evolution:

Despite being illegal in several countries the craze has grown more and more. Gambling is going to be arguably the most addictive activity but also a favorite game for many. Players all over the world are now favoring online platforms to gamble as it is more convenient and discreet. Try your luck right now at For centuries people have engrossed themselves in different recreational activities and gambling should not be seen as any other. Gambling addiction, of course, is something that troubles society.  Governments should not be given the license to curb the freedom of choice of the people.

Online or not, Gambling is going to be here for a long. Gambling and playing games involving inevitable risk and certainty do that to us. As the world has got online we have seen a surge in online betting apps and games. Everybody seems to like it more to play from the comfort of their homes. It saves everyone from social scrutiny too.