Helpful Tips on Jazz Club Etiquette for First Time Visitors

There are millions of Jazz music lovers all over the globe. Hence, to entertain them there are numerous jazz clubs providing a platform for jazz performers and their audience to enjoy the evening to the fullest, You can enjoy jazz concerts in Manhattan in your favorite club without thinking twice about the etiquettes you need to follow in the jazz club. Just be yourself and behave your best that’s enough.

However, for the convenience of everyone present in the club there are few etiquettes to be followed by the club visitors. While you have just stepped in such music atmosphere, there will be confusion on how to behave in the club while listening to the live jazz performed by your artist.

Here are few dos and don’ts that you can consider while in jazz clubs:

  • You need to be there on time, as it won’t be appropriate while you search for your table in the midst of performance. Arriving before time will help you in ordering your drink and settle down in comfortable place to enjoy the live jazz music.
  • Don’t forget to bring your ticket or membership card along, as it will save time usually wasted to check whether you paid earlier or own the member card of the club.
  • If it is a group performance you can wait until the whole melody is finished. If you are not sure when to applause, it is best to wait until others do.

  • To take quick photos of your favorite jazz performer, it is best to switch off the flash of your smart phone and not to show openly when you take photos. Standing to take the photo or clicking while sitting in the front rows may disturb the performers.
  • You can have your drink when it is served to you otherwise you can have at the bar counter in the midst of the performance. However, make sure to move without disturbing anyone.
  • It isn’t anything awkward when guest feel like dancing while enjoying the songs. You can, if there is a dance floor in the room for visitors to dance while enjoying Jazz.

  • Chatting or talking in the midst of slow soundless performance won’t seem polite as your voice can be louder compared to the music tones of jazz performed on the stage. It will be nice to keep your mobile phone on the silent mode when you enter the music room.