Hiring a Wedding Live Band: Are you Making the Right Decision?

Planning a wedding is full of both magical moments and stress-inducing debates. One of the most important decisions to make when planning a wedding is the music for the ceremony and reception. Couples might be wondering whether to hire a live band or a DJ.

There are many opinions about this online which causes more confusion. But, picking the kind of entertainment for your wedding does not have to be a relationship-crushing argument. You can avoid stress by hiring a live band at your wedding.

Below are some of the reasons this is the right decision:

Live Music Sets the Tone and Mood

Live music brings emotion and energy to a room while listening to DJ jams is just almost like listening to the radio. To ensure your wedding has a certain feel to it, look for the right musicians that will create the best atmosphere. On your wedding setting, where emotions are at peak, the live band can sing a special dedication song to your loved one.

Live wedding bands provide a dynamic live performance with a passion that only experienced musicians can achieve. If some of your guests like a certain genre, a good live band is diverse and engages with anyone to ensure everybody appreciates the music. Visit weddingmusicbands.com to hire a popular wedding band.

Live Bands Give the Audience an Encompassing Performance

People go to concerts for the performance. Aside from listening to music, people see and feel it. A live band brings music to life and turns it into an experience that all senses can enjoy. Even people who don’t dance will be able to listen to and watch live musicians. This type of showmanship or entertainment value is something a DJ cannot achieve.

Live Music Units People

With live music on your wedding, gaps can be bridged, uniting people from different generations. A DJ may play currently popular dance music or a list of common songs played at weddings. But, this kind of music may not be adopted by everyone on the scene. Meanwhile, live musicians will get everybody past their biases, even if songs are a certain generation’s hit.

It Offers a Unique Experience

The couple will get their first dance at their wedding and a live band can play the music that is unique only for them. As living, breathing individuals, musicians have subtle variations in how they play their instruments each time they play a song. Also, every band has its unique style and flavor that they can add to their music. When such elements are combined, live bands can make any song unique to your big day.

DJ will play songs that have been recorded for posterity. These will sound exactly the same no matter how many times the DJ will play them. But, you can ask live bands for variations of style or tempo in the song. Live musicians can make adjustments on the fly, stop, and restart without issues. Also, they can react at the moment. Their flexibility will ensure guests will be able to create lasting memories and experiences they cannot have elsewhere.