How the Entertainment Industry Is Keeping Up With Tech Trends

The entertainment industry covers everything from movies to videogames and continues to expand as more mediums are developed for consumers to enjoy their time away from work. Technology and entertainment have always gone together as innovations in one area fuel trends in the other. For instance, as video capture technology has improved over the last century the entertainment industry developed movies, which has inspired new levels of computer-generated effects.


More entertainment companies and producers, like Heather Parry, have seen the potential in streaming movies, television shows and music to bring their stories to a broader audience. Streaming subscriptions are on the rise around the world with new markets opening as more of the population has access to the internet and to devices that can effectively stream the entertainment that they want to see. Smart televisions, which can stream media without a second device, are becoming easier to use and more cable and internet companies are offering bundles with popular streaming services.

Gaming, VR and AR

Not only is gaming entertainment a big hit for computers and consoles, but it is mobile with users playing their favorite games on phones and tablets. It is also branching out into both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality options across devices that allow you to turn your daily commute into a game or fully immerse yourself into a fantasy world. Videogame technology and stories are finding their way into other avenues of entertainment with virtual tours of art museums, movies and television shows based on popular games, and even music soundtracks from games streaming across internet radio apps.

The more the tech sector invents, the more the entertainment industry innovates. Whether you take advantage of the Ultra HD movie theaters in your area or play your favorite videogame on your mobile device, the more these sectors inspire each other, the more you can benefit.