Protect, maintain, and make your car stylish with these exterior accessories

Most of us might think that there is nothing more to a car than what we see. A car is just a mode of transport and nothing more. But if your mind is open, there are many different types of accessories for cars that can be used for cleaning, protecting, maintaining, and making the car stylish. Let’s look at some car exterior accessories.

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Car Bumper

Car bumper can also be called a front-end, crash-bar, or a front bar. This is nothing but a frame put at the front of the car to absorb the shock on impact with collisions. It also protects pedestrians from getting injured by a moving car.

Car Cover

A Car cover serves as a shield that keeps the exterior of your car clean and new for a long time. These covers are made of soft materials which wouldn’t harm the body or paint the job of your car in any way. Some covers are UV resistant so that they prevent your car from getting heated up during hot summers.

Wiper blades

As their name suggests, wiper blades are used to clean the windshield when it gets foggy or during rains. Wiping your windshield with a dry cloth might not get rid of the water completely, so these are there to do the job more efficiently.

Car mudguard or wheel deflectors are used to prevent dirt from flying up on other cars when you’re driving through roads where road mud is high. They can also be helpful in keeping cars clean during rainy seasons.

Car windscreen

This piece of technology is not visible to the naked eye, but it continues to do its job even when you’re driving at speeds of 120 kph! The reason is that they are made of very strong glass so they can bear high pressure both from inside and outside. The windscreen of the car helps to keep out dust and other minute particles which can hinder your vision while driving, and also keeps the temperature inside the car comfortable.

Car tyre inflator 

Some people also use tyre inflators to pump up their tires before a drive. It makes driving smooth and prevents you from getting into an accident due to punctured tyres. This accessory runs on power that goes directly into the car’s battery for it to work, so make sure your car is switched off when this is plugged in.

Wraps & Films

These are made of vinyl sheets and applied on top of a fully-painted surface area of your car. It is difficult to apply them manually, so they are applied by machines. They give your car an excellent new look, but their lifespan is quite low and you might need to get them applied again after a few months.

Emergency & Warning Lights

This accessory helps the driver of the car to alert other drivers on the road about any emergency situation. These lights can be from a siren, strobe light or any other source that the driver deems fit. They come in different colors and forms. They are usually operated with batteries that need to be replaced after a certain period of time.

Tail Light

These are used to indicate the direction your car is going towards. They might be in the form of a bulb, LEDs, or even lasers these days.

Fog Car light

These lights are used while driving at night on foggy roads. Fog car lights help to illuminate the road and make it easier for other drivers on the road to judge where you’re headed. These usually come with red and white lights.

Car headlight

As the name suggests, these are used while driving at night and also to indicate road directions in foggy weather conditions. They usually come with different lighting technology such as halogen, xenon or led. All of them have their own pros and cons. Car headlights should be taken care of well since car manufacturers check them while delivering your car.

Car foot pump

Foot air pump for car is a very important accessory in the event of an emergency, especially if you’re far away from a gas station. A lot of people nowadays use it to inflate their tires before commencing a long drive on highways or going on a camping trip with friends and family.

Car Horns

These are used as a warning device, and also to indicate road directions in traffic situations. There is usually a button on the steering wheel which can be pressed whenever needed. Some cars might come with dual horns i.e., one inside and another outside the car. These car exterior accessories make an obnoxious sound which is not preferred by all car owners.

Car tyre gauge

This device helps to measure the optimum amount of pressure that should be inside your tyres. It goes by PSI (pounds per square inch). The level of inflation of the tyre depends on various factors such as road condition, the weight of the rider, and even the type of vehicle. Car tyre gauges are usually simple to use and consist of a pressure meter that needs to be inserted inside your tyre.

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