Roles and Responsibilities of National Basketball Association

Are you a person with great interest in watching NBA playoffs? In worldwide, there are numerous fans that celebrate and enjoy the playoff games. Many people pay close attention to every season and watch the sport through television

Therefore, the NBA team has decided to make them happier by transforming one from rookie to All-star overnight. They will allow you to differentiate the 3-point play and a field goal. Even though there is a wide range of fans for a different sport, but the NBA playoffs are more famous among the people. Here are some important details about the NBA shows.

Teams of the National Basketball Association

The abbreviation for the NBA is the National Basketball Association and it contains 30 teams. There are two types of conferences included in the NBA; those are eastern and western conferences. Each conference consists of 15 teams that are divided into three divisions for all-conference. This format helps them to co-ordinate the team schedule easily in each game season.


Remember, the playoffs are more or less similar to the championship, which takes a longer time. The fans also show great interest to watch the NBA playoffs in Miami, FL.

Each team has skilled and good quality players. The NBA team puts a lot of effort into selecting the basketball team to enhance their success records. Despite having numerous players in the team, selecting the best is difficult in playoffs.

Calls for Timeout

Every NBA game takes place for about 48 minutes and that is split into four quarters. After the completion of the first two quarters, the “halftime” break is permitted for the players. Furthermore, the final result is announced after the completion of four quarters. At the end of the game, the team with the highest points is considered as the winners. In case, if both the teams scored the same points, then there will be a tie-breaker match which will start in the five-minute overtime.

During each session, the clock might stop for many reasons. The players have to play the game accordingly.

Players on the Court

First and foremost, each team should place five players on the court at a specified time. The players are selected based on qualities such as physical attributes, style, and position of playing in the previous matches. Following are the five positions involved in the playoffs:

  • Point guard
  • Shooting guard
  • Small forward
  • Power forward
  • Center

Once the game gets started, and five other substitute players should be placed on the court for any emergency purpose.

I hope you have understood about the selection process, procedures of the leagues and enjoy and watching the NBA playoffs in Miami, FL.


Final Thoughts

Make use of this information, and watch the NBA playoffs in Miami, FL. I hope you have understood about the selection process and procedures of NBA leagues.