Share Your Engagement News in Style by Using Mixbook

She said yes! After dating for years now, the dream of spending your life together has come to reality. Engagement news brings with it the excitement and life’s anticipation of happiness and love with the one you care about most. With the same joy, you want to share the good news with your friends and family. Mixbook can help you share your great news and make the moment memorable through custom engagement announcements. Mixbook makes the process easy and enjoyable. You will love it. In this article, you will learn how to create customized engagement cards using Mixbook.

Mixbook gives you an excellent opportunity to tell of your engagement to your loved ones and make it last in their minds for a long time. Are you looking for something unique and stylish? Mixbook has you covered. Here is why you should choose Mixbook.

  •       High-quality products: the papers are top quality with stunning finishes
  •       Affordable prices with discounts
  •       Straight forward and guided steps, making the designing process easy
  •       Convenient, the internet-based service gives the chance to access its services from any location and at any time
  •       Timely deliveries at your doorstep
  •       Several editing options, enhanced creativity, and creation of customized products
  •       A 24/7 live chat team ready to answer your questions and offer help

Mixbook provides you with various romantic themes to define your style and match your liking as a couple. Some of the available designs you can choose for your engagement announcement include

  •       Engagement postcard
  •       Ring photo frame
  •       We are engaged script
  •       Elegant letters
  •       Colorful stripes and more

The process starts by signing in to the Mixbook account using your phone or computer and then following the steps.

  •       Choose the theme that you and your partner love or something that describes your love story.
  •       Add your favorite picture as a couple.
  •       Personalize your card with the available filter options, including backgrounds, stickers, texts, fonts, layouts, and more.
  •       Add elegant finishes to complement your love and excitement. It includes paper types that range from smooth matte to silk paper.

After your designing process is complete, Mixbook prints out the cards for you and ships them to your location, they also do the envelopes to save you from any trouble. Mixbook focuses on making your experience uncomplicated and enjoyable.

In today’s world, an engagement is such a big deal and many people use all their creativity to share the news. Here are some trends and ideas you can use to announce your engagement.

Most couples seem to love the photo engagement card. They use various images, including showing off the ring, holding hands, and including their pets and kids. The image may also be something that has a special meaning to the couple. You can also choose your favorite picture with names, and even the wedding date if it is already decided. Besides, you may put special love notes on your card. People also love using gold and silver themes and adding stylish finishes.

The bottom line

Mixbook gives you the chance to design products that you love and are unique. You can choose to go with the trending ideas or design your own. The different available filter options make your engagement announcement stand out and marks a memorable impression on your loved ones’ minds. Sign up today with Mixbook to begin.