Simple Things To Know About Visiting A Gentleman’s Club!

Sample this situation – You are bored, and all your friends are busy on a weekend. You have two choices – either remain a couch potato, or choose to head out and have all the fun. Instead of going to a regular pub or bar, how about heading to a gentleman’s club, such as Bucks Cabaret? Well, the fun of a gentleman’s club is exactly what most men imagine, and in many cases, the experience is actually better! For someone who has never been to a strip club or has no experience of adult entertainment, the whole idea can be a bit confusing, which is why we have enlisted the common things that people need to know.

  • Know the establishment. Not all gentleman’s clubs have the same rules, so enquire in advance. For instance, some strip clubs are only semi-nude, and you may not get to see the strippers as you want.
  • Find the cost. There are usually specific charges for lap dances, strip tease and specific things, but don’t expect a full act. You are expected to pay the standard price, so do not show your cheap side by haggling.

  • You need cash. Period. Yes, gentleman’s clubs require and expect people to bring cash. Tipping is a standard norm in these places, and if you want the girls to come around and give a close brush, you have to spend real cash.
  • Saying a ‘no’ is acceptable. Most strippers and those gorgeous women will be willing to give a lap dance, and if you are seeking fun and don’t mind paying for it, we recommend that you try the experience. However, it is absolutely okay to say a ‘no’ too.
  • Follow the ground rules. You are not allowed to take photos in a gentleman’s club, so don’t even try. This may get you banned and thrown out. Strippers are not necessarily prostitutes, so be respectful and don’t do anything that’s outrageous.

  • Check the alcohol details. Most gentleman’s clubs do have bars, but some strip clubs may allow BYOB. We recommend that you check in advance, and yes, make sure that you are aware of the dos and don’ts for bringing in your own booze.
  • Have fun. Finally, don’t forget to have fun. The whole idea of a gentleman’s club is to enjoy and let yourself all out, so don’t shy away from taking a chance and paying for that lap dance.

It could be the best weekend in weeks!