Some Strip Club Manners Which Every Gentleman Must Follow

Most men going to strip clubs think that just because a beautiful lady is dancing in front of them and liquor is being served, they can behave the way they want. Well, this is absolutely not the case.

Miami is known for adult entertainment, and all the adult entertainment establishments there have some set rules. You are certainly there to have a good time, but that doesn’t mean you are not expected to be on your best behavior. So, take a closer look at the list of top 7 etiquettes to follow at a gentlemen’s club. Be rest assured, by following these strip club manners, you will end up having the best adult club experience possible.

Top 7 strip club etiquettes to follow:

  • No cell phone: No matter how urgent it is, if you are more interested in your phone than the girls on the floor, you better take it elsewhere. Cell phones are strictly not allowed for two reasons – first off it is simply rude, and second it can record videos and take pictures (which is strictly not allowed). So, unless you are ok with the security taking your cell-phone, better keep it away.
  • Give respect get respect: The girls there are trying very hard to show you a good time. So, make sure you behave well with them. Don’t show any offensive gestures, and make sure to appreciate their performance.
  • No stealing: The bills you see on the stage are for the performers. Don’t even think of picking any, or you might simply remember it as the worst night of your life.
  • Be generous: If you want to enjoy your night better, make sure to tip the dancers generously. On the other hand, if you won’t, you might just have a very short night.
  • No song requests: Every dancer has their own taste of music, and the DJ knows it well. So, it is recommended that you don’t take up your song requests to the DJ. Instead, try to enjoy the performance as it is.

  • Cash is best: If you don’t want to worry about your card while you are a little tipsy, its best to bring cash along.
  • Dress up well: If you have plans on creating a mess during a lap dance by wearing sweatpants and gym shorts, you better not. Such behavior will simply get you a very messy night.

Well, now you know the rules. So, stick to them, live them, and love them, and you will surely have a night of your life at a gentlemen’s club.