The Importance of Professional Social Media as Highlighted by John Branca Attorney

Social Media is not just for catching up with friends and family or posting selfies at a cool restaurant. It has become an important marketing tool for business. When you are looking at avenues to market your service and product, you can’t escape the social media frenzy and what it can do for you.

Marketing Through Social Media

There are many benefits to marketing on social media platforms. Beyond being the most cost-effective way to increase brand recognition, there are also the following reasons:

  • Engaging with your customers
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Gaining feedback to customers’ needs

Getting Started

The first step to capturing your customers is to find out what platform your target audience is using. The research will show you which outlets your particular client base is actively participating in, and you can target the top two or three to get started. Engaging with your customers through each of these sites on a consistent basis will build your brand recognition and influence business growth.

Maintaining Your Presence

Consistency is key to creating a social media following. The importance of a following is that it will increase traffic to your website. If you are not able to be consistent or not knowledgeable as to the proper content to post each day, hiring a social media expert is a good option as discussed by John Branca, Attorney.

Ignoring feedback or posting negatively or falsely, even by accident, can cost you paying customers. Hiring a professional to manage your online content will secure a professional approach in positively shaping public opinion as mentioned by John Branca, Attorney.

Hiring An Expert

Depending on your goal and your budget, you can hire a part-time or full-time social media professional. Create a job description and post your job online on Indeed, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn, or you can ask for referrals from business colleagues. When talking to prospective hires, ask for links so you can see examples of their work to make sure you agree with their tone and presentation.

There is a time for sitting back and catching up with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and then there is a time to be serious about your company. Don’t mix the two. For your business, stay consistent and professional to create a positive and effective marketing outlet.

Social media is an important tool in attracting target audiences and building a strong customer base. The future growth of your business depends on how well you accomplish this cost-effective means of marketing.