Visit the BBQs 2U Store to Buy a Barbecue or Oven that Suits Your Needs

BBQs 2U truly believes that there is a barbecue for everyone. Keeping this in mind, they have plenty of options to offer you, whether it is a gas barbecue or a charcoal one that you want.

Besides, they have a great deal of experience to share with you. Over the years, they have tried and tested plenty of barbecues and ovens, and have finally just added the best ones to their inventory.

Along with barbecues and ovens, you can even find grilling accessories, rubs, and sauces with them. All in all, they are surely a store that every barbecue lover must visit.

However, if you are a pizza lover, they have something in store for you as well. For sure you must have heard about the Gozney Pizza oven, and yes you can see them in person in the BBQs 2U store. They even sell protective gear like the Gozney Roccbox Cover and Gozney Dome Cover.

Pizza ovens of Gozney took over the market since the company launched in 2010. However, they were just producing commercial pizza ovens back then.

It was finally in 2016, that their first domestic oven – the Roccbox was out in the market, and the customers were just mesmerized by the way it worked.

The Roccbox is a work of art for sure, and everything about it screams high quality. Since the company had experience making commercial pizza ovens, they used similar design concepts and ideas for making the Roccbox as well. This is the reason why the Roccbox was the world’s first stone-floored portable pizza oven.

It can reach high temperatures in just a few minutes, and once it is ready to bake a pizza, you can expect restaurant-grade pizza in just 60 seconds.

This cooking time is something that no other domestic pizza oven can beat. Also, it is very densely insulated and thus can maintain this high temperature for a long time.

Furthermore, the Roccbox is a multi-fuel oven. This means you can cook using gas as well as wood fire with this oven. To switch from one fuel to another, all you have to do is turn a dial.

As far as portability is concerned, the Roccbox is not very heavy, even though it is a stone-floored oven. You can conveniently move it, and its retractable legs make it easier to place it anywhere.

When it is not in use, simply use the Gozney Roccbox Cover to keep it safe. This cover is constructed using double-lined, 900D polyester waterproof material, and thus will keep your oven safe from elements like rain, snow, extreme heat, dirt, and debris.

Along with the Gozney Roccbox Cover, several other Gozney accessories make using the Roccbox more thrilling.

For instance, you can buy the Gozney Roccbox Mantel and add some more space to the existing oven design. With this added space, you can rotate your pizza, check it, and even baste it with ease.

If you have any queries concerning Gozney products, the BBQs 2U team will be happy to help you. Simply visit their store in Abersoch or get in touch with them via their website.