Why you should never buy Instagram Likes to boost your site Visibility?

Are you fond of buying Instagram likes on your site? To what benefits have they brought to your site? Purchasing likes have been the order of the day since the algorithm detected that having several likes to your posts and accounts can boost your site visibility and raise the organic traffic in your site. When this was officially authenticated, the majority of both the novice and the past master on Instagram have embraced the notion of purchasing likes to their accounts.

Imagine buying a cloth that you know nothing about its taste, description, color, and material? Won’t be worried about the outcome of the results? It can either be small, big, or extra-large to you. Similarly, the same effects that you’ll encounter with that type of cloth will not be far from what when you buy Instagram likes fast will be. Since you are purchasing likes that you know not it’s an impact in your account? It can result in either positive or negative outcomes, similar to what the cloth could have resulted.

By and large, it is not recommended to purchase likes since they will be dubbed as fake likes, followers, or comments.  Striving to post quality posts, content, and promptly will help you attract several likes and followers to your site.

That’s said; if you are wondering what fakes likes can do to your account. You are lucky to find this post, in this article, we’ve compiled detailed points that justify why buying likes is uncouth and unprofessional.

Still reading, below are the main points to consider when you want to get more likes through mischief ways;

  • Site penalization
  • Buying likes can hurt your account
  • Fakes account lower the reputation of your site

Site Penalization

An Instagram algorithm is so sensitive with purchased likes. When you buy likes, the algorithm will detect the interaction between the followers and your likes too.  In anything uncouth will be noticed, such as a dormant site amid millions of likes on a single post. Then Instagram might sense the dark side of your followers and penalize your account for such.

You can’t play a wise game when Instagram has everything to note justified like and fake ones.

Buying likes can hurt your account

Have you ever imagine your site is ranked on the third page or burnt totally from accessing your Instagram account?

Having fakes or purchased likes is a stepping stone that facilitates your site from being burnt, lest they find out the truth behind it. You might be earning millions of shillings on your site but due to fake likes, your money can be withheld after you are burnt from accessing your account.

Fake Likes lowers the reputation of your site

Imagine a big brand like Amazon or Alibaba was following your account after tagging them in your content, and boom, after examining the number of likes on your post and tracing them, they find they are from fake accounts. This will be a big shame and loss of the reputation they had accord you.

Try to get more likes through genuine ways that will make people and other brands follow you candidly.

Final Thoughts

Buying likes can result in site penalization, lowers your reputations, and hurt your account among others.